Supreme court overturns Roe v. Wade

October 21, 2022


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Protesters on the street protesting Roe v Wade. People expressing their opinions on the topic.

“Everybody has the equal right to be born, everybody deserves a chance,” junior Grace Bakke said. This summer, Roe v Wade was overturned and now opens up the opportunity for conversation, and allows voters to fight for the lives of the unborn. 

Majority of abortions are a comfort option. A mother doesn’t feel ready for a child, or financially is not stable enough. That should be thought about before a baby is conceived. There are obviously other reasons a woman would want an abortion, but over 85% of abortions are for social or economic reasons. The issue is not the less than 1% of women whose child is conceived non-consensually, but the vast majority who should be making that choice before conception.

Sex is made for people that are responsible. And if you’re responsible, then you should know the outcomes and face the consequences of what could happen”, interviewee Christina from the New York Times says.

The foster care system is not ideal, but one could not say that it is fair to take a life away for the possibility of hardship. For example, Nelson Mandela. A wonderful man who was in foster care and now has accomplished numerous amazing things. 

“Life is a really sacred thing”, Bakke says, “it’s important to give them a chance”.

When abortions are easily accessible and promoted, it feeds into “throwaway culture”, which is a building idea that life is disposable. Abortions are promoted and even paid for by some big brand names such as, Dicks Sporting Goods, Ulta Beauty, and Starbucks. Instead of offering well-needed help for a mother such as free childcare or meal help, they offer the “quick fix”, as Bakke says. Throwaway culture points to the idea that abortion is selfish. Some abortions may be because the mother believes that it is a selfless act. She may think that not giving that baby life is a kinder thing than bringing it into the world, but in reality it is selfish. That is one human seeing another as less than them or less worthy.

A baby in the womb is different from a newborn. A kindergartener is different from a teenager as well. They are all at different stages of life, but they are never at one point not a human. Babies are surviving earlier, and earlier in premature birth as technology advances, further showing that is not simply a fetus, but a baby. In the first 3 weeks a tiny little face has formed and by the end of the fourth week there will be a heartbeat.  A baby in the womb might not be able to express things, but neither can a man on life support, and he still has rights.

The overturning has brought out many opinions on the overall argument. In order to solve the issue as a nation it is important to be respectful of people’s opinions, and educate instead of argue. Now that the states have voting rights for abortion, hopefully it can be further discussed, and resolved.

Overturning Roe v. Wade limits access for women

Graphic by Michael Fredericks

Over the summer, Roe v. Wade was overturned and there have already been effects seen on women’s health in the south. There is also fear of what will happen to the children who will be brought into this world when the family does not want them. 

Roe v. Wade, passed in 1973, is a law that allowed women the right to privacy, which included the right to abortion. This law protected these rights for almost 50 years until this summer when the Supreme Court went revoted and overturned it 6-3. As a result, this allows states to decide if and when a woman can get an abortion. 

Despite the reversal of Roe v. Wade, history has show that if people want to, they will find ways to do anything. Before Roe v. Wade, women would still get abortions, but in unsafe and not viable ways. This could damage women especially if they are not done correctly.  Some ways women used to have illegal abortions included using hangers which, if done wrong, could forever harm a woman and hospitalize them. 

“I suppose one thing about using a hanger… It’s very unsafe, and it’s not good for people,” sophomore Mariah Koren said.  

One issue with limited access to abortions and making people have kids they do not want is what will happen to those kids. Foster care has always been overflowing with kids and this will only increase those numbers. Another issue is kids will be neglected or possibly subject to abuse. 

“The ones [women] that are stuck and do not have the freedom and cannot go out of their state. I think that those lives, the lives of those children, will be worse off,” English teacher Granger Taft said. 

Another problem that women may face is not just about their physical endangerment. Depending on what happens that results in a woman becoming pregnant, having the child could harm them mentally. These effects are less easy to manage. If the woman and/or her family can not provide for the child, her mental health can decline due to the feeling of failure to give her child the life she thinks the child deserves. 

“Let’s say you have depression and then you’re having a kid and you can’t get an abortion. It’s making you super depressed because you know that you can’t provide for this kid. You can barely provide for yourself, let alone a whole other human being,” Koren said. 

Women in Texas are already having the repercussions of this overturning. One woman in Texas had to carry a dying fetus since it still had a faint heartbeat. This ended up leaving this woman on a ventilator due to something that could have been prevented. This woman was sent home from the hospital knowing she has her dead child in her. 

“That is just so much pain for no reason. It’s just awful to hear about it’s, it’s awful to think about it’s just so frustrating,” Koren said.

There are many differing opinions this issue. A woman’s opinion should be heard and vocalized more than a man’s since it most directly affects the woman.


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  • P

    Paige Van DuyneNov 22, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Opening with a strong quote does an amazing job at setting the tone for this article. All of the facts bring the supporting quotes to life. The details were very well intentional and the whole story linked together very efficiently.

  • S

    scott williamsNov 6, 2022 at 1:10 am

    Also unspoken is the fact of children having their own children. Our society has never had Fathers raising children from mothers that the Father ‘raped’! The burden has always fallen to the mother to raise the child. But Raising a child never stops, when a women turns 80 years old she still worries for her child. And not talked about is also the fact that the mother is more often left on her own (lack of proper education) and taking more often then not less then minimum wages which has an added burden on the well being of the child. Justice (b w) Amy Cohen Barrett, stated that the children could just be given up for the State to care for! (D B W) And how does the “State” take care of children, in under funded care centers where “the children” are often mistreated, by turning its Blind Eye away!

    Herschel Walker is a great representation of Deadbeat Dads in America. Mr Walker has many children and has ‘pushed for abortion of many fetus’s’. And in our changing society, Mr Walker ‘now’ speaks out for the Fetus, if only to win a seat in our Senate. But has had little or nothing to do with raising his own children and paying only what the Court’s have forced on him with next to no contact with his own children!

    And it is only one political party who wishes to force women and children to carry a fetus to birth.

    Peter Thiel, billionaire entrepreneur republican, has used his money and the Federalist Society to put ‘his’ people (or those willing to do his bidding) on the Supreme Court. With ‘Dark Money’ poisoning our politic’s thanks to ‘Citizen’s United’ the church and Billionaire’s and now with other countries now buying influence in our politics. As for Mr Thiel and others like him (Americans) although having one Vote, are taking over our Gov.. The Supreme Court has it’s own ‘Shadow Docket’ which is being used to put in front of the Supreme Court to overthrow longstanding precedent, as in “Roe vs Wade”.

    And lastly, “all six Supreme Court Justices” lied! Again “all six Supreme Court Justices lied” to US Senators stating in one form or another that Roe vs Wade was super-precedent. But given the first chance to over throw Roe vs Wade, they pounced!

    Go Ava