Eric Liveringhouse attends USAFA


Photo submitted by Eric Liveringhouse

Senior Eric Liveringhouse commits to play division 1 golf at USAFA. He is currently captain of the boys golf team.

Keira Jelinek, Social Media Editor

Senior Eric Liveringhouse will attend the United States Air Force Academy to receive his college degree. He will play Division 1 golf during his four years at the academy. The Air Force Academy is located in El Paso County, CO, and is provided at no cost to its cadets. It is known for being an extremely prestigious school as well as having a highly respected academic program.

Eric’s initial interest in attending USAFA had many different factors play into it. The military has played a huge role in his family’s history, including his great-grandpa, grandparents, father, and brother who all were in the military. Eric wanted to go to a college and get a degree, but he also had an interest in being in the military. The Air force academy allowed him to pursue both.

“I knew I wanted to go to a good school, but I wasn’t set on the Air Force Academy. I thought I’m going to try hard in school so I can have the opportunity to go to a decent school,” Liveringhouse said.

Getting into the academy is a huge accomplishment in itself. Students applying must be well-rounded. Eric is a multi-sport athlete, who maintained good grades, earned decent test scores, and had a strong military background. He truly checked all the boxes when it came to being qualified. Individuals who apply also must get a Congressional nomination, which Eric did a few interviews for.

“It will be kind of rough, but I think it’ll be good for him. It’s an uncommon experience. There are not many people that get to do it, so he should just take it for granted,” senior Jacob Ralston said.

Eric has participated in a variety of things during his time in high school and has excelled at a lot of them. He plays several musical instruments at a high level. This reflects on his time in orchestra and performing at multiple school events such as Coffee House. He is on the student council, an officer for NHS, as well as being involved in Trust club and other activities outside of school. He has participated in multiple sports other than golf, such as lacrosse, basketball and soccer. Eric’s golf coach and friends see him as very smart and talented.

Through his academics, athletics, and school involvement, he has stood out to many people. His coach describes him as being purely talented and having a great work ethic. During colder spring days, Eric was the first to volunteer to have teammates over to work on their swings. He is a broadly talented student-athlete.

It will be kind of rough, but I think it’ll be good for him. It’s an uncommon experience. There are not many people that get to do it, so he should just take it for granted.”

— Jacob Ralston

“He’s more determined and passionate about most things than other people. Like some people don’t care if they’re the backup keeper for varsity soccer, but he came to every practice and was always there on time and wanted to be there,” Ralston said.

When Eric applied to the academy he did not originally plan on playing golf, it ended up just being a bonus. When he got into the USAFA he contacted the coach and he thought Eric was good enough to play on the team. Eric has had a successful career at Stillwater on the golf team. He won his first high school event in near-blizzard temps at the Stillwater Invitational. His 75 is one of the all-time greatest rounds at Stillwater.

“His earning SEC All-Conference honors in his first year of high school golf is something we have never had anyone do,” coach John Scanlon explained.

Attending the Air Force Academy will look very different from a traditional college experience, especially in the first year. One of the first major differences is that he will leave for school on June 21. Only having three weeks of summer is “one of the most noticeable changes”. The cadets go through a six-week basic training with a short break before the academic year starts. During their first year at the academy, freshmen cannot interact with upperclassmen.

“It’s a lot of work. You have to do a lot of PT (physical training), academics are more rigorous, and you have to tie military into your academics as well,” Liveringhouse said.

Since the USAFA provides college education and degree at no cost, cadets are required to serve in the Air Force for five years. Eric will be studying chemistry and hopes to attend grad school after the academy.

“After grad school, I will probably have a job in the military, hopefully, focused on chemistry. Maybe a chemical engineer for planes or something like that,” Liveringhouse explained.

Eric’s family and friends are all extremely proud and excited for him to attend the academy. Not being able to talk to him and see him as often as they would like will be difficult but they are so happy for him.

“The USAFA is such a special place and I know that Eric will have a great experience there and develop as a person, athlete, and golfer. I’m a little worried about his hair,” Scanlon said.