‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ hits the box office

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Bella Godfrey, Graphics Editor and Online Editor-In-Chief

After six years of patiently waiting, Marvel’s Doctor Strange fanatics may be receiving the most insane Marvel movie of all time. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premiered exclusively in theaters on May 6. Multiverse of Madness (MoM), directed by Sam Raimi, is said to be thrilling, disorienting and well worth the six year wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch reprise his role in a second solo film. 

One of the most significant pieces of this film’s puzzle is the inclusion of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, or the Scarlet Witch. Following the events of WandaVision, Wanda has come to be one of Marvel’s most powerful cinematic weapons and a definite fan-favorite. Fans last saw Wanda in What If?, which displayed multiple possible realities across the multiverse. 

“I loved her even before WandaVision. She’s always been my favorite. I’ve always loved her powers and her capabilities,” senior Katie Liss said. “I’m excited for the cinematography, the visuals and the plot twist because I know there’s going to be plot twists, it’s a Marvel movie. I’m excited to see the surprise characters because I have a feeling there are probably going to be some. It’s called the multiverse right?”

I’m excited for the cinematography, the visuals and the plot twist.”

— Katie Liss

The first trailer for MoM was released following Spider-Man No Way Home in the post credit scene. The trailer begins with Strange in a state of distress after the No Way Home event in which he opened up the pathway to and from other universes. Strage summoned Wanda from her self-exile to assist him in broadening his horizons of multiversal knowledge. 

“It was intriguing because, Strange and Wanda, I have liked both of those characters. I liked seeing what was happening with Strange Supreme and all that stuff,” senior Simon Tekie said. “The fact that it was directed by Sam Raimi who did the old Spider-Man films, that also gives me some hope for it.”

Reviews for the movie seemed to be polarizing. Some critics have liked the film and others think it contains lackluster storytelling. Even though critics may disagree, the film is essential to the MCU’s overall plotline. 

St. Olaf senior Molly Prytz said she does not know what to expect from the movie since all fans have seen is a “two minute trailer out of a two hour movie. I think I’ll be impressed by what the plot is and what they come up with.”

After seeing the multiverse and a few well known characters in a whole new way, opinions were formulated on Marvel’s newest addition to the MCU timeline. 

Prytz thought the movie was full of surprises and thoroughly enjoyed the array of actors and actresses in the film. She did not expect the villain, but liked what Marvel did with the story line. Prytz said she left the theater confused on how to react to the movie’s conclusion.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a thrilling sequel to the original 2016 Doctor Strange film. MoM brought a new and unseen horror aspect to the MCU. The cinematography in the film was on a whole new level for Marvel with the mind boggling special effects and in-your-face action. MoM is a must see film for all Marvel fans and movie-goers alike.