Angela Taylor trains hard for track and field

Tyler Buxell, Social Media and Podcast Editer

Sophomore Angela Taylor trains hard for track and field. Taylor is an outstanding sprinter and jumper and has been working hard for this upcoming track and field season. She has been staying healthy so she can be fully ready for this upcoming track and field season.

Given that track and field is only a few weeks in, Taylor shows her excitement in the team this year. She said that there is a lot of young talent, as in new freshmen.

 “From what I see everyone is willing to put in the work to exceed. So to say the least, I’m extremely excited,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that she likes to keep the energy high at practice and at meets, which everyone seems to love. Her high energy and charisma have an effect on these other athletes only in a positive way.

“Everyone seems to really enjoy each other, and doesn’t mind me always wanting to keep the energy high,” Taylor explained.

Taylor found to be the most prepared for her school season, she runs for a club program in the offseason. She does club work so she can really take time to perfect her techniques.

“Over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve been working with my club team to really hammer down on form and work ethic. I’ve been making sure not to cheat myself out of getting better by not finishing workouts, and making sure to go hard on every rep,” Taylor said.

Over Taylor’s athletic career she has found out a healthy lifestyle is the key to her success. Her mental health and physical health need to be in top shape for her to be able to perform her best.

“With that, I’ve also taken a lot of time to prioritize my health and recovery.  As I’ve been struggling to stay healthy for the season, I’ve been making sure not to push too hard; that I’m thoroughly warming up, rolling out, icing a lot, and making sure to eat foods that are going to help me on the track,” Taylor said.

Angela is a super tough worker and stands out in practice and meets. Taylor stands out because she is always pushing herself and the people around her further and further every day at practice.

“Angela is a hard worker. She gives 100% in every workout and pushes herself to get better at everything she does,” Taylor’s sprinting coach, Annelise Miller, said about Taylor.

Even know Miller has only been Taylor’s coach for two years and only one season due to COVID conditions, but that shows how memorable Taylor is. Taylor has a sort of contagious energy that just spreads to the people around her. 

“This will be my second year coaching Angela, though she did get started with the team during her 8th grade year, but due to COVID, the season was canceled,” Miller explained.

Miller is a coach that does not just care about the results of meets, she is concerned about the health of her athletes. Miller wants recovery to be the biggest thing her athletes are worried about because she wants them to be able to perform at every meet possible.

“Our other main goal is simply that our athletes improve throughout the season. That, of course, means something different for everyone, but we want our athletes to feel and show progress,” Miller said.

Taylor is fully ready and prepared to work hard and help her team to reach their goal as individual athletes and their goals as a team.

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