United States needs to show support, take a stand against Russia


Creative Commons by theglobalpanorama

A Ukraine protest from Nov. 2013. Protesters stood for democracy, human rights and freedom.

Sumer Harrington, Photography and Online Editor

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, debate for land would later start a war between Ukraine and Russia. Turning to democracy five years after the fall of the union, Ukraine began focusing on the protection of basic human rights.

The success of democracy and the growing economy in Ukraine was greatly impacted by the United States. That which is why the United States must preserve freedom and prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine. Russia will not stop with Ukraine. It will be the start of another world domination. It is in our best interest and for our own defense to protect Ukraine. 

 In 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine annexing Crimea. The Crimean Peninsula sits along the coast of the Black Sea, a waterway for trade. Ukraine, neighbor of Russia, is the perfect country to overthrow for expansion. Seventeen percent of Ukraine’s population is made up of Russian ethnicity, according to the World Population Review. The population of Russians and Russian speaking citizens is another reason to overthrow a country- there are already Russians living there. The Crimean crisis lasted just over a month. As of March 2014, Crimea remains part of Ukraine. 

“Back a few years ago, he [Russian President Putin] invaded Crimea,” sophomore Raymond Carbone explained what started the war.

Ukraine and the United States are neutral supporters of one another. The United States  provided $1.5 billion in military aid for the first five years of the Russo-Ukraine crisis. The United States and Ukraine relationship has always been prevalent since the fall of the Soviet Union. The United States values Ukraines market economy, something that thrives in their country. Showing support and staying loyal is always important, especially during times of war and distress.

Showing support and staying loyal is always important, especially during times of war and distress. ”

“But we’ve also started giving military aid to Ukraine as well,” U.S. history teacher Jason Caballero explained.

Ukraine is economically unstable and allowing another invasion would make Russia think they can go further. Russia’s military consists of 280,000 troops, about 30,000 more than Ukraine has. Although Ukraine has the second strongest military in Europe, they have the lowest GDP in Europe. A military troop that has no long term income would never be able to fight off the 5th richest country on the continent. Taking over a country like Ukraine would only be the beginning. Due to not being a part of NATO, an invasion of Ukraine would not trigger war with any NATO members. 

“It’s been easily attackable. Their land just doesn’t suit for defense naturally, like a place like France where they have mountain ranges,” Carbone explained.

Allowing another invasion would start another war. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 27 European countries. Ukraine is not apart of NATO due to the requirement to provide 2% of all GDP to the alliance. This restriction hurts Ukraine and benefits Russia. Joining NATO would only hurt Russia’s plans to invade. Russia, along with twenty six other countries, is a part of the Partnership for Peace. The PFP allows members to build up a relationship with NATO, choosing how they wish to cooperate.  

“NATO is an alliance. If one country goes against NATO, everyone in NATO goes against that country,” junior Owen Johnson explained.

It is not the United States’ job to interfere with every country with an issue. Since the beginning of time, the United States has taken a stand in most situations eventually. Attempting to remain neutral, the United States is a large ally with other countries, either helping hands on or aiding through supplying the country. The U.S. can only help for so long. We also have our own issues to deal with and should be a main priority. 

The United States, the biggest military in the world, needs to assist troubled countries in times of need. In hopes of preserving freedoms and limiting war, the U.S. could have a huge impact on the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.