Amber Scalia plays basketball 110 percent


Photo submitted by Abby Kerber

Senior Amber Scalia stands at the top of the key on defense ready to take on the opposite team point guard. Amber has been on the girls basketball team for 4 almost 5 years, and has recently hit 1000 points.

Allie Schlagel, Layout Editor

“Ten, Nine, Eight…” Seconds left on the clock, they are down by two, and senior Amber Scalia swiftly dribbles the ball down the court. She steps up to the top of the key. It’s wide open. “Seven, Six, Five…” As the clock counts down she thinks about her options, and knows what she has to do. Amber Scalia’s first love is basketball. Every day, she steps onto a court and hones in on what she can do to improve her skills.

Scalia has been on the varsity girls basketball team ever since her 8th grade year. In the last four years of her basketball career, she has scored a profuse amount of points for the girls basketball team, and has recently hit 1000 points. Many would say her greatest strength was shooting, and her shooting average tells exactly that.

“I’m shooting about 56% right now…you’re supposed to be around 40,” Scalia said.

Although she is extremely talented in basketball, she puts in 110%, and that is the real reason for her success. From being a part of traveling teams to encourage her abilities, to working towards being physically fit, Scalia has truly proven herself to her coaches and teammates.

She practices her hardest every day and never shows negative emotion about herself and others. She always brings a ton of energy,” junior Eva Stafne said.

Stafne has been playing with Scalia for the last two years. Stafne said that Scalia’s, “work and determination is inspiring.”

Being on any kind of team truly brings out the best in anyone, and Scalia’s favorite part of basketball is getting close to her teammates.

“Seeing them [her teammates] everyday and being with them for the past six-seven years has been really fun,” Scalia said. “That’s probably the best part.”

As of summer 2021, Scalia committed to the University of St. Thomas. She says that she plans on giving it her all, and working hard for the coaches there. She also plans on putting effort into the academic side of college, and making sure school work is her priority. 

As she determines whether or not she can make the shot, the clock counts down. “Four, Three, Two…” She jumps up to take the shot, putting everything she has got into it. “One… Swish.” The buzzer goes off, and the crowd erupts. Scalia smiles with pride and runs over to her teammates to celebrate the win.

“Everything I do surrounds basketball… I’ve learned so much,” Scalia said.