Cross fitness spreads across the globe


Drew Maiers

Crossfit: a new way to stay healthy, fit, and have fun whilst doing it is sweeping the nation, and muscle muscle more are joining in. Liftbridge Crossfit, is a recently opened strength and conditioning facility in Stillwater, which offers group classes and private training daily including Crossfit. Crossfit focuses on constantly varied functional movements in a high intensity. It also focuses on movements that are performed in one’s everyday life, as opposed to ones that are made up in classes.

 Athletic centers have been increasingly offering Crossfit options, these locations include Hudson, Woodbury, Saint Paul, and now Stillwater. Crossfit is used in many professions such as police, the military special operations, and professional martial arts. So, the general consensus is that Crossfit is dependable and effective.

Junior Anna Corman said, “Crossfit is different than regular fitness because it has high intensity physical strength and conditioning programs while it provides personal instruction from a trainer. Crossfit is appealing because you can see real progress from week to week and now that there is Liftbridge Crossfit here in Stillwater, it is really convenient.”

With close to 10 million people using Crossfit, it is apparent that it is popular, but it is also effective. In a test performed by University of Wisconsin La Crosse, two different Crossfit techniques, Fran and DonkeyKong, the average female Crossfitter working the Fran burns 12.3 calories a minute using Crossfit strategies, and the average DonkeyKong crossfitter burnt 169.9 calories.  Crossfit workouts only last about 5-10 minutes so they are very manageable to work around busy life schedules.

Junior Tori Dahl said,  “The instructors mainly focus on your lifting technique such as when you are squatting are you down low enough, knees out feet shoulder width apart, etc. and for the workout they just really encourage you to do your best. I hope just be in shape for lacrosse season and get stronger.”

Even though Crossfit has become a popular trend throughout recent history, it still has some area to expand. There are still many people out there that are looking for the effects that Crossfit has supplied to, but are not aware of what Crossfit is. Although Crossfit slowly is bleeding into media, and slowly is working its way is one of the most dominant and effective styles of fitness.

Junior Emma Steinmetz said, “I have never heard of Crossfitness before. but after a little bit of educating I think that it is something that I wouldn’t be interested in taking a part of. That would be because it is logical in the way that it is simply the activities that you would do in your basic life.”

So, if interested in partaking in a fun, physical, practical, and useful activity to better improve heath and well-being Cross fit might be a great option. Remember that Crossfit is still growing and diffusing across the nation so if there is not a fitness center near that supplies it, there might be one coming in soon.