The American Rescue plan provides additional funding for schools due to COVID


Creative commons image through by Karolina Grabowska

American rescue plan gives schools funding, brooding their spending abilities. This results in students having opportunity to express there opinion about the new funding and where it should be spent.

Jeremiah Swartz, Graphics Editor and Copy Editor

March 24, the American rescue plan was released by the Biden administration. $122 billion were released to schools around the nation. Its job is to help fund schools and their reopening this fall. As schools reopen, there is a need for more funding because students using more resources. Stillwater schools have edited their funding plans since the American Rescue plan took effect on not only the high school, but the entire district itself, whether its materials or programs for students.

This year, programs involving student health, mental or physical, are demanding more funding because these programs are more of a priority for the students this year. The American Rescue Plan is supposed to take effect to relieve some of those demands.

“I haven’t been informed from a district perspective, so let’s put it that way. I’m not aware of whether the district has applied or received any of that kind of stuff. If we have needs here at the building, we communicate that to people at a district level. Whether it’s for facilities, whether it’s for supplies, whether it’s for staffing, we communicate that to a district level,” Bach said.

The American Rescue plan increased funding for many schools. However, teachers feel that students should have more say in the decision of where funding is placed because students will be directly impacted. Therefore, students need to understand how their education can be affected by this decision and the American Rescue plan.

Government teacher, Mathew Bergquist explained that students are “the main group that should have a say,” because the money is ultimately being spent on them, or they are the results of specific spending.

Teachers also feel that they should have a say when it comes to financial aid from the government. Whether its the American Rescue Plan or other government funding programs, they feel that they are also impacted. Teachers are involved in students and their daily lives.  Teachers have the best understanding of students from an adult perspective regarding the specifics of their education, so they have the best knowledge of what they need when it comes to programs or supplies. Therefore there say is vital to the decision on the funding from the American Rescue plan.

History teacher, Ryan Miller said he believes that it comes down to an administrative decision, and at the building level, teachers should be given polls to gauge what items they believe are most important to students.

Congress is planning to add to the American Rescue program that is currently building back in legislative. This new finding is a chance to receive funding from the Biden administration. This gives school administration the chance to take into consideration of students.

“Absolutely. I think, you know, it is one of those weird things where we say we learn for, you know, for life, but we don’t give a lot of opportunities for students, I mean, city Student Council and things like that exist. But a, we don’t have a lot of mechanisms, at least in our structure for students to active power,” Bergquist explained.

The American Rescue plan plays a tremendous role on students, teachers, and the district. The decision on how that money is spent is complex because different perspectives collide, whether it is elected officials, teachers and students, and schools administration. The balance between these will result in an agreement. The plan has affected districts all over the country. Its goal is to improve school life and ultimately improve schools.